1. Introduction
  2. Sudoku Explained
  3. How to Think About It
  4. Getting Started
  5. A First Approach-
    Brute Force

  6. Brute Force in Action
  7. Improving on Brute Force
  8. Better Brute Force
  9. Backtracking Search
  10. Backtracking with MRV
  11. Attack of the Samurai
  12. Strategize
  13. Backtracking MRV with
    Unique Constraint

  14. Backtracking MRV with
    Unique Constraint part 2

  15. Conclusion
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We have now defeated Sudoku through the use of Constraints and some simple Backtracking Search. During the process we took a few pointers from how normal people go about solving these problems, and were able to improve our algorithms by studying these actual intelligences.

Hopefully you've learned something interesting about Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Artificial Intelligence, Sudoku, or at least how not to write a presentation. It has been fun.

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