This is written far after the fact, in the balmy year of 2016.

I’m Matt Moss. At the time I started writing this blog, I was a Student and Software Developer at Texas A&M for the Energy Systems Lab (ESL). I graduated in 2011, and continued in Software Development for a local consultancy, as well as dabbling with Oilfield Electronics on the side.

This blog started out as a way to generate an excuse to practice for the ACM ICPC contest. To that effect I’d go through, look at past ACM problems or Project Euler problems, anything that struck my fancy, and go through and try to solve them. The goal being to both improve implementation time, and just improve problem solving/recognition skills. Eventually I also started learning electronics, and some of my early projects from that ended up here, as well as a few philosophical diatribes. Now that I’m out of college, I’m trying to maintain the blog mostly as a project repository. And/or a place to write when I feel like writing.

You might be curious about the name. Coder Tao is not a fascinating name based on the balance that should come from being able to solve complex problems semi-elegantly while also operating within the confine of project scope. Nor is it an endorsement of Asian religions. Nor is it a statement involving Torque and the coding folk. Tao is the name of a gnome sorcerer. A machine of unimaginable destruction and chaos (but mostly destruction). And now it is a name.


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