Migration to AWS

Took me long enough. In 2009 this blog was originally hosted with a shared hosting provider. In 2014 (maybe) I moved it to a linux server on Azure for the purposes of play (and to remove reliance on hosting provider). After a slight employment mixup I decided to move from Azure (registered with my FS credentials), to AWS (registered with personal creds).

In the process of doing that I’ve turned on HTTPS via letsencrypt, switched from a “magic apache config copied from the internets” to an nginx based server with php-fpm doing the hosting, updated WordPress (though not yet the styling), and made a few minor DNS improvements. This took months to do. MONTHS! Months of “I should muck about with the server” on the back of my mind. But, it’s finished now, and that’s what’s important.

In celebration of new found listlessness, I’m re-publishing some of my older stuff. It’s a mix of contest related problem solving, very early electronics projects, and some misc rambling that at one point I thought didn’t really belong here, but, ehh.

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